Far East Asia

As an umbrella term, Far East Asia refers to the regions of East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the majority of Russia going to the East. 1. So, in short, this blog is all about my thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the general topics about Far East Asia. Because I’m such a history buff and a pop culture addict, the blog’s primary focus is towards the trends and mindsets that make the Far East Asian culture so cool, alluring, and exciting all at once from a personal perspective.

I could have continued on blogging about these topics on my main personal blog, but I wanted to keep that blog as non-specific niche as possible. Sure, I may have opened a blog about health and beauty before, but that never really took off. Not only because I lost my drive to keep it running, but because I just never had the time to maintain it. Now, if only blogging and being a “social influencer” 2 were a full-time job, maybe that sub-blog might have grown.

I’m not expecting this sub-blog to grow in numbers. I’m not going to spend so much on this blog, given that I’ve got other blogs to maintain (and I’m not talking about my own blogs too), but I would like to share my takes on certain issues that affect the Asian (and the Asian-American Community) as a whole, whether be cultural, social, or sometimes political. 3.

Here are a few things you may expect on the ASIATIC TAKES posts:

  • Commentary (and lots of it)
  • Reviews (books, movies, music, etc.)
  • Original short fiction stories (maybe?)
  • … more to come

This is it for this section. I know there are many different types of copyright laws in each country, so I’ll be careful not to violate any form of copyrights for sourcing or linking any (original) material where the basis of my posts may come from.

  1. WorldAtlas.com
  2. I’m not a social influencer, just a side note…
  3. I’m not huge in politics, so I’ll skip that